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Nirvana - Greatest Hits Broadcast Collection (2024)

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Nirvana - Greatest Hits Broadcast Collection (2024)

Mp3 CBR 320 kbps / Flac (tracks) | Alt Rock, Grunge | 01:14:15 | 172 / 459 MB

If Seattle was the epicentre of the Grunge explosion, then it was Nirvana who pushed the detonator. Formed in Aberdeen, Washington in 1987, Nirvana quickly became trail blazers for the movement. Led by the enigmatic and talented Kurt Cobain, the bands raw and intuitive sound captured the angst and disillusionment of its generation and this uncompromising powerhouse trio waged war on anyone who wasn't listening!

This unique collection showcases Nirvana at their visceral best. From the raw power of Smells Like Teen Spirit to the melancholic Come As You Are, Kurt Cobain's songs symbolise the frustration and anger of his generation. 90's Icons Nirvana were the sound of a new rebellion for a new decade. A brief moment in music history captured here in all its' chaotic glory.

Tracks taken from the following broadcasts

Evergreen State College, Olympia, Seattle, WA 17th April 1987 (KAOS-FM)

Pat O'Brien Pavilion, Del Mar Fairgrounds, San Diego, CA, 28th December 1991 (Syndicated Radio)

Paramount Theater, Seattle, WA October 31st 1991 (KNOD-FM)

Estadio Cicero Pompeu de Toledo (Hollywood Rock Festival), Sao Paulo, Brazil, January 16th 1993 (MTV)

1. Blew (Live Broadcast) (3:01)
2. About a Girl (Live Broadcast) (2:39)
3. Floyd the Barber (Live Broadcast) (2:21)
4. Downer (Live Broadcast) (2:12)
5. Been a Son (Live Broadcast) (2:10)
6. Love Buzz (Live Broadcast) (3:42)
7. Smells Like Teen Spirit (Live Broadcast) (2:07)
8. Come as You Are (Live Broadcast) (3:27)
9. Breed (Live Broadcast) (2:55)
10. Lithium (Live Broadcast) (4:07)
11. Polly (Live Broadcast) (2:49)
12. Territorial Pissings (Live Broadcast) (2:29)
13. Drain You (Live Broadcast) (3:35)
14. Lounge Act (Live Broadcast) (2:45)
15. On a Plain (Live Broadcast) (2:07)
16. Something in the Way (Live Broadcast) (4:22)
17. Endless Nameless (Live Broadcast) (6:37)
18. Sliver (Live Broadcast) (2:00)
19. School (Live Broadcast) (2:35)
20. Negative Creep (Live Broadcast) (2:30)
21. Mexican Seafood (Live Broadcast) (2:02)
22. Hairspray Queen (Live Broadcast) (4:31)
23. Aneurysm (Live Broadcast) (4:24)
24. Rape Me (Live Broadcast) (2:54)



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