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VA - If You Gotta Go-Go, Go-Go Now: A Tribute To The Go-Go's (2022) MP3

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VA - If You Gotta Go-Go, Go-Go Now: A Tribute To The Go-Go's (2022) MP3
MP3 320 kbps + scans | 1h 14 min | Power Pop, Pop Punk | 248 MB

The groundbreaking album, Beauty and the Beat was released in 1980. Every track is a treasure, a mini teen drama immediately appealing, relatable and memorable. From the very start they were instantly identifiable and maybe a little out of step. They indeed had a unique vision. It wouldn't be long till they would charm the pants off the entire world. They had everything. THE GO-GO'S seemed to be more talented than most of their peers and they were always a few steps ahead. In 1982 claimed the number one spot on the Billboard chart and stayed there for 6 weeks and of course it eventually went double platinum. THE GO-GO'S were the first all female band that wrote their own songs and played their own instruments to achieve that massive distinction. They soon proved to be a blueprint and an undeniable inspiration for like-minded girls and they spearheaded a deluge of hopeful girl bands. Pretty much any successful female artist of the past 40 years will swiftly site THE GO-GO'S as an important influence. Now Sympathy is releasing a tribute album to the girls who conquered a male dominated industry and essentially changed everything successfully rewriting the rule book. This tribute, If You Gotta GO-GO, GO-GO now features 24 bands. Included in the line-up are a few big-hitters and others you'll likely be hearing for the first . I've been working on this since last year with the rather amazing Travis Ramin and tirelessly he has helped turn it into an impressive reality. This was in fact a daunting task and sadly some artists we would of liked to have recruited were unable to participate. Produced by Travis Ramin and with the Mighty GEZA X at the helm tying it all together we are confident it will be an amazing/heartfelt artifact honoring the brilliantly talented and ever-lovely GO-GO'S.

01. Josie Cotton - Fading Fast (3:40)
02. Fastbacks - Vacation (2:52)
03. Short Fuses - How Much More (3:06)
04. Mike Skill and Nikki Corvette - Tonight (3:08)
05. Jenny Vee - Beatnik Beach (2:50)
06. The Coolies with Kathy Valentine and Clem Burke - King Of Confusion (3:03)
07. EG Daily - We Got The Beat (2:20)
08. Pale Lips - Get Up And Go (3:12)
09. The Tweezers - We Don't Get Along (2:28)
10. Miss Marr - Worlds Away (3:38)
11. The Heels - Skidmarks On My Heart (2:54)
12. The Nutley Brass - Head Over Heels (3:38)
13. Baby Shakes - This Town (3:18)
14. The Suitesixteen - Speeding (2:18)
15. Natalie Sweet - He's So Strange (3:00)
16. The's - Surfing And Spying (2:15)
17. Tina And The Boom Booms - You Can't Walk In Your Sleep (If You Can't Sleep) (2:43)
18. The Chubbies - Good Girl (3:50)
19. Hayley And The Crushers - Lust To Love (3:58)
20. Transatlantic Bunnies - Whole World's Lost It's Head (3:00)
21. Paul Collins and Marci Marks - Our Lips Are Sealed (2:44)
22. Juniper - Turn To You (4:00)
23. Caroline and The Yum Yums - Unforgiven (3:16)
24. Holly And The Italians - Can't Stop The World (3:21)


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