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Connee Boswell - Hits And Selected Singles 1931-54 (2022)

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Connee Boswell - Hits And Selected Singles 1931-54 (2022)
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Connee Boswell - she began her career as Connie Boswell, but decided to change the spelling of her name in 1945 - was a member of the brilliant, influential and hugely successful vocal trio The Boswell Sisters, who had a string of hits in the 1920s and '30s until retiring in 1936 (see "The Boswell Sisters Collection 1925-36" Acrobat ADDCD3208). Connee, who had already been making solo records and having solo hits, carried on after that, and had hits through into the 1950s. This great-value 73-track 3-CD set comprises selected A & B sides of her solo singles and duet recordings with Bing Crosby on the Brunswick and Decca labels during these years, recording variously with the orchestras of Victor Young, Bunny Berigan, Ben Pollack, Bob Crosby, Harry Sosnik, Jimmie Grier, John Scott Trotter, Russ Morgan, Sy Oliver and Bob Haggart. It includes all her solo chart entries and those with Bing Crosby - twenty-five in total - including the No. 1s "Bob White" and "Alexander's Rag Band" with Crosby, and the Top 10 hits "Say It Isn't So", "On The Beach At Bali-Bali", "Whispers In The Dark", "I Let A Song Go Out Of My Heart", "On The Isle Of May" , "If I Give My Heart To You" and "An Apple For The Teacher". She was a highly-regarded performer across the jazz, swing and pop spectrum, and this substantial collection offers an entertaining window onto her talent as a hit-maker whose chart career lasted over a quarter of a century.
01. Connie Boswell - I'm All Dressed Up With A Broken Heart
02. Connie Boswell - Should I Be Sorry
03. Connie Boswell - Lullaby Of The Leaves
04. Connie Boswell - Say It Isn't So
05. Connie Boswell - I'll Never Have To Dream Again
06. Connie Boswell - It's All My Fault
07. Connie Boswell - In A Little Second Hand Store
08. Connie Boswell - I Cover The Waterfront
09. Connie Boswell - The River's Takin' Care Of Me
10. Connie Boswell - This It's Love
11. Connie Boswell - I Had To Change The Words
12. Connie Boswell - The Boulevard Of Broken Dreams
13. Connie Boswell - A New Moon Is Over My Shoulder
14. Connie Boswell - Isn't It A Shame
15. Connie Boswell - I'm Growing Fonder Of You
16. Connie Boswell - Blue Moon
17. Connie Boswell - Chasing Shadows
18. Connie Boswell - You Are My Lucky Star
19. Connie Boswell - Moon Over Miami
20. Connie Boswell - With All My Heart
21. Connie Boswell - The Panic Is On
22. Connie Boswell - On The Beach At Bali Bali
23. Connie Boswell - Serenade In The Night
24. Connie Boswell - Trust In Me
01. Connie Boswell - Whispers In The Dark
02. Connie Boswell - Afraid To Dream
03. Connie Boswell - Am I In Love
04. Connie Boswell - Blossoms On Broadway
05. Bing Crosby, Connie Boswell - Basin Street Blues
06. Bing Crosby, Connie Boswell - Bob White (Whatcha Gonna Swing Tonight)
07. Connie Boswell - Ebb Tide
08. Connie Boswell - Outside Of Paradise
09. Connie Boswell - Martha, Ah So Pure
10. Connie Boswell - Ah! Sweet Mystery Of Life
11. Connie Boswell - I'm Away From It All
12. Connie Boswell - Fare Thee Honey, Fare Thee Well
13. Connie Boswell - Moonlight And Roses
14. Bing Crosby, Connie Boswell - Alexander's Rag Band
15. Connie Boswell - All Alone
16. Connie Boswell - I Let A Song Go Out Of My Heart
17. Connie Boswell - Simple And Sweet
18. Connie Boswell - Thanks For Everything
19. Connie Boswell - Sunrise Serenade
20. Connie Boswell - At Least You Could Say Hello
21. Bing Crosby, Connie Boswell - Start The Day Right
22. Bing Crosby, Connie Boswell - An Apple For The Teacher
23. Bing Crosby, Connie Boswell - Between 18th And 19th On Chestnut Street
24. Connie Boswell - On The Isle Of May
25. Connie Boswell - I Can't Give You Anything But Love, Baby
01. Connie Boswell - Blueberry Hill
02. Connie Boswell - Nobody's Sweetheart
03. Connie Boswell - Let's Be Buddies
04. Connie Boswell - The Moon Fell In The River
05. Connie Boswell - You Were Meant For Me
06. Connie Boswell - I Went Out Of My Way
07. Connie Boswell - Sand In My Shoes
08. Connie Boswell - I'll Keep On Loving You
09. Connie Boswell - Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
10. Connie Boswell - Stormy Weather
11. Connie Boswell - A String Of Pearls
12. Connie Boswell - One Dozen Roses
13. Connie Boswell - Sweet Eloise
14. Connie Boswell - South Wind
15. Connee Boswell - (As Long As You're Not In Love With Anyone Else) Why Don't You Fall In Love With Me
16. Connee Boswell - Moonlight Mood
17. Connee Boswell - Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!
18. Connee Boswell - Sweetheart
19. Connee Boswell - Ole Buttermilk Sky
20. Connee Boswell - Zip A Dee Doo Dah
21. Connee Boswell - B The Beguine
22. Connee Boswell & Artie Shaw - Where There's Smoke There's Fire
23. Connee Boswell - I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter
24. Connee Boswell - If I Give My Heart To You


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