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Roy Orbison - The Original Mono Singles, As & Bs (2020)

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Roy Orbison - The Original Mono Singles, As & Bs (2020)

FLAC (tracks), Lossless | 1:19:43 | 306 Mb
Pop, Rock

There have been countless ROY ORBISON compilations over the years, but all too often overdubbed or stereo versions are used, which possess neither the presence nor the bite of his original mono 45rpm versions. Indeed, the best way to listen to Roy is to hear those original singles in glorious, pristine mono, sounding exactly as they did when you bought them all those decades ago. This compilation presents his first seventeen singles, released between 1956-62, on Je-Wel, Sun, RCA Victor and Monument, with one omission; the first, non-hit version of 'Ooby Dooby' (NB: his Sun re-recording, which is included, was his first hit). Also included are his early million sellers 'Only The Lonely', 'Blue Angel', 'Runnin' Scared', 'Cryin'', and 'Dream Baby'. This is an intriguing body of work, and it is interesting to compare his very early 45s with the ten peerless singles herein, which he cut for Monument.

01. Trying to Get to You

02. Ooby Dooby

03. Go! Go! Go!

04. Rockhouse

05. You're My Baby

06. Sweet and Easy to Love

07. Devil Doll

08. Chicken Hearted

09. I Like Love

10. Seems to Me

11. Sweet and Innocent

12. Almost Eighteen

13. Jolie

14. Paper Boy

15. With the Bug

16. Up Town

17. Pretty One

18. Only the Lonely

19. Here Comes That Song Again

20. Blue Angel

21. Today's Teardrops

22. I'm Hurtin'

23. I Can't Stop Lovin' You

24. Running Scared

25. Love Hurts

26. Crying

27. Candy Man

28. Dream Baby

29. The Actress

30. The Crowd

31. Mama

32. Leah

33. Working for the Man




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