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VA - The Mood Mosaic Series Complete Collection [Vol.1-14] (1997-2011) MP3

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VA - The Mood Mosaic Series Complete Collection [Vol.1-14] (1997-2011) MP3

1997-2011 | Easy Listening, Lounge, Soul-Jazz, Jazz, Latin Jazz, Jazz-Funk, Latin, Swing,
Cool Jazz, Big Band, Funk, Pop Rock, Soul, Afrobeat, House, Disco, Soundtrack ...
MP3 320 Kbps | 1.84 Gb

Mark P. Wirtz (born 3 September 1943 in Strasbourg, France) is an Alsatian pop music record producer, composer, singer, musician, author, and comedian. As a producer, Wirtz's most famous output is from the mid to late 1960s, when he worked at Abbey Road Studios with Beatles eeer Geoff Emerick, under contract to EMI. Wirtz is chiefly known for the never-completed A Teenage Opera concept album. Another track by Wirtz, the 1966 "A Touch of Velvet, A Sting of Brass" under the name Mood Mosaic, with The Ladybirds as backing singers, became well known in Germany as the theme tune for the Radio Bremen show Musikladen and was used by some radio stations and DJs in the United Kingdom as ident, notably Dave Lee Travis on Radio Caroline. His signature style has been described by Mojo magazine as "Phil Spector scoring Camberwick Green", a sound most perfectly encapsulated on Wirtz's masterpiece, "Grocer Jack (Excerpt from A Teenage Opera)". This 1967 hit single is a densely orchestrated psychedelic marvel, which tells the whimsical and sad tale of an old man ("Grocer Jack"), who dies unappreciated, except by the children who loved him and miss him.

VA - The Mood Mosaic 01. The Hascisch Party! (1997)

VA - The Mood Mosaic 02. Barnie's Grooves (1997)

VA - The Mood Mosaic 03. The Sexploitation (1997)

VA - The Mood Mosaic 04. Les Yper Sound! (1997)

VA - The Mood Mosaic 05. Supervixens (1997)

VA - The Mood Mosaic 06. Jazz À Go Go (1998)

VA - The Mood Mosaic 07. The New Shapes Of Sound (1998)

VA - The Mood Mosaic 08. Funky In A Minor Mode (1999)

VA - The Mood Mosaic 09. The Sound Bullett (2000)

VA - The Mood Mosaic 10. Retro Active (2000)

VA - The Mood Mosaic 11. Feelin' Funky (2002)

VA - The Mood Mosaic 12. Mondo Porno (2007)

VA - The Mood Mosaic 13. Soul Seduction (2009)

VA - The Mood Mosaic 14. Book A Trip (2011)




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